Time and gardening

It seem there just are,nt the hours in the day. I never remember it being this way as a child. It always seems to take twice as long to do a job as we like to think or allow for,probably that we like to think we can be more efficient than is reasonable allowable. There are two ways to garden slap dash with poor results and a sence of “I must be doing something wrong”or methodically within reason . I prefer the latter and this is always a challenge. Its something one can get better at with practice especially when there never seems to be enough time to do things “properly”

This mornings activities involved getting straw to clean out the duck enclosure and doing the weekly composting collection run from the near by organic vegetable shop ” ecologic”. I had also hoped to clear away part of the polytunnel tomatoes and chillies to plant the overwinter pea which really need to escape the confines of their cells. Its just that this fine weather has prolongued the life of plants which I had expected would be cleared away by now. I have resolved to get this job done tomorrow at first light as it just won’t keep.

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