Gardening 151012


This past week has been busy clearing some room for the over winter veg. My priority was to get the winterkeef in the ground as they were getting a bit leggy and can easily snap while transplanting.  It has been with some reluctance that I have removed the chillies , peppers and most tomatoes as they were still producing though at a slower rate. The courgettes outside stoped producing some weeks back and now the large courgette in the polytunnel is suffering badly from powdery mildey and has been removed. Image

In the fore ground the brussel sprouts are coming on well for xmas and the space cleared for winterkeef and other otherwintering such as perpetual spinach , pak choi, etc


Looking forward to re planting with all sort of goodies. I try to keep the debrit to a mimunum removing all decaying materials for composting.


I have retained the courgette as it’s still producing well for the moment.

Inside and out I had about 17 tomatoe plant this year ( a little excessive for 2 people) and they all did really well. There will be plenty of chutney to see us through the year and for xmas presents etc. The tomatoes were many hundreds and dare I say it i,ve gotten a bit tired of them.


The green house has been cleared ready for re planting soon. The beds here have been given a generous top dressing 2 to 3 inches approx of my homemade compost. I bring in 20 or 30 kilo of unsalable organic food waste from the local organic shop each week for free and have managed to not buy any vegetables since May this year.



Outside the carrots are ready for eating but I,m holding off on the parsnips untill the frosts which I,m told sweeten them.


The broadbeans are pushing through and will need staking in a few weeks. Image

Finally in the home garden this week one of the raised beds I have shut down for winter. Its location will soon be in shade as the suns angle shallows. I have covered with a large amount of seaweed which is rotting nicely.

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