Winter changeover

Finally got  the overwintering planted in the polytunnel. Mizuna, stirfry greens, rocket, turnips, pea, perpetual spinach so there should be no shortage of greens in the coming months.Image

Pulling some paris carrot good for stoney soil as they grow near the surface .


One of 3 onion and garlic patches. Image,

More garlic and onions


Kale doing well


I moved the onions and beetroot harvest inside to dry the outside covered racks were getting wet.Image

A few tokyo turnips ready for the pot and below a false chanterelle  growing among the late potatoes




The keyhole bed with it’s volunteer courgettes and tomatoes is now producing. Next year I might try a few beds like this and see what comes up as I was a bit late for a good crop this year.The leeks are also doing well but will need a little topping up as the ducks run riot through the bed.


I,ve cut the tops off the potatoes and will chance leaving some in the ground as I have a light well draining soil. Others I will lift and store.


The ducks


I,m not overly concerned about leaf debrit and wildflowers. Have a nice bit of Chickweed which the ducks love and is nice in salads. IMG_8438

While out for a wander yesterday collected some yarrow , sweet chestnut and yew berries ( flesh only is edible not seed or any other part of tree)






Yew Berries ( take care!!)


Lastly I have been testing a product for aerating compost it’s especially good for cone style composters where turning is not easy.. Its like an auger and works well. You screw it in a then pull up to mix.They are avaialble through Dolmen designs 087 9263067 . Ecologic in Dundrum stock them also.



2 thoughts on “Winter changeover

  1. Just saw your blog Patrick. Good work. Your garden is looking a bit bare since the video you showed me down in Kerry back in May when everything was coming into bloom. Winter is coming :-(, still it looks like you will have lots of veg growing in the polytunnels over the winter to keep you going. All that beetroot looks seriously yummy. Those Paris carrots look interesting, look perfect for Hallowen, do they taste different to the normal carrots?

    • Hi Grainne,

      Thanks Grainne, Death is part of life I suppose. I love the winter and the spring and the summer and the Autumn. Gardening is just a cycle no beginning no end death and renewal. Even though it may look messy all is well in the garden,there are plenty of potatoes and roots under the soil and plenty of the summers sunshine locked up in jars of Chutney. The Paris Carrots taste like a carrot but the flavour is better than shop bought, they smell of carrot.They are handy if the soil is stoney. Call over and take a look sometime, would be delighted to show you about.

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