Composting update

We are finally starting to get the compost piles under control. Our stategy was to remove the surface layer to use as a rough mulch and harvest the compost beneath. The bays have now been cleared and distributed around the grounds. Annual weeds will doubtless germinate but there are plenty of “weeds” anyway.


Most of the leaves have now fallen and we quickly ran out of capasity. We added another bay to our heap.


With the success of the cleared bays be started to tackle the corner heap. Its going to be a long process as there must be way over 20 tonnes of material to get through.


Its a mix of soil , compost plastic containers, labels and bit of plastic. Starting at the rear wall we are separating and sorting as we distribute the compost around the site. 2 men digging , 4 men barrowing and 1 man raking works well to tackle a big heap and there is a steady flow. That’s what its all about.


We uncovered pipes and the brick rising wall from a time when Gerry Daly ruled the gardening world. The area was once a hot house. As we go deeper back in time the plant labels are getting older , 1995…Who knows what will be uncovered.

The bulk of the material seems to have come from hedge and tree pruning as well as plants that were tossed pots and all. It highlights the need for being organised and not creating a problem for future generations to deal with. It never goes away just because it is burried. Anyway there is plenty of good compost on the upside.  A job for a dry but cold day!

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