Paddys day

Quite a bit of the veg in the tunnel has bolted. Here the ducks are helping to clear part of the beds. The larger male duck is quite confident and enjoys running at the dog and occasionally at me. They are such characters. This was their first time in the tunnel and I think they knew there was grub to be had. They tend to stay close by if the soil is being disturbed.




The compost thermometer peaked at 67 degrees celcius after a few days. It’s starting to drop off now at about 58 degrees. When its get to 50 degrees a turning will help it to heat up a little.


An older heap maturing gives a reading of about 37 degrees.


A bin placed over a crown of Rhubarb to ” force” the stems. After a few days the effect is evident.



The first of this years peas  “greenshaft” sown direct outside in a shallow trench.


Climbing support for the peas using string.


Red Onion “kamal” layed out for planting approx 3- 4 inches apart and 8 inches between rows.


Temporary netting to protect from pigeons and ducks pulling out the onion sets. The ducks will need to be managed while many of the plants are establishing.


Planted up a bed of “Radar” onions.


Some of the potted up tomatoes.


Pot bound mint cut back a few weeks ago.

IMG_9122 - Copy

Buds on the Shinseiki pear tree.

IMG_9115 - Copy

Buds on an apple tree.

IMG_9117 - Copy

Crocus through the mulch. The ducks tend to flatten them a bit.

IMG_9114 - Copy

One needs a hint of colour.

IMG_9116 - Copy

Last years sown lupins should put on a display this summer.

IMG_9107 - Copy

Parsley grows well here.


The winterkeef with its beautiful flowers.

IMG_9100 - Copy

The flowers on the broadbeans.

IMG_9108 - Copy

IMG_9118 - Copy

French Lavender grown from seed.

IMG_9101 - Copy

Ishikura bunching onions


4 x 3 foot drills of nantes 2 carrots with radish as row markers.


Boltardy Beetroot at 2 inch spacings.


A spare pane of glass to help some rocket germinate. I love rocket.

IMG_9102 - Copy

An old skylight to help with some Spring onion germination.

IMG_9106 - Copy

A few strawberries Elsanta and Symphony in pots for an earlier crop.


The chives have literally shot up in recent days, yummy.


We use alliums nearly every time we cook. With  about 24 little areas outside about 1/4 of these are alliums. 3 beds for overwintering and 3 beds for summer grown.





2 thoughts on “Paddys day

  1. Hi Pat, good work on the blog. I’m borrowing/blatently pilfering a couple of ideas as I go through it to implement at home. And do I recognise that string-net climbing frame for the peas? Hope it worked out OK after.

    • Hey Peadar, work away I hope it helps. Any questions and you have my email. The next climbing frame worked out grand provided it’s tall enough for the variety you growing. I still have it. I,ve been doodling sketches and writing in my diary about your place after the recent visit would it be ok to put these into a blog?

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