Potting on

This week the priority has been on sowing and potting on a variety of veg to keep them growing unchecked. The pic below showing the first of the Lolla Rossa sown on the 28th of Feb going into the tunnel. All were multi sown but some were pricked out to grow on singly. At this stage the fine root hairs are developed enough to hold the slightly moist compost from the module together and the entire root system is easily transplanted with minimal disturbance. Went for 150mm spacings.


Starting to harden off some plants including Borage below by bringing them outdoor during the daytime.This one will be great for the pollinators and for making a liquid feed and compost activator.


The first few seedlings including Brassicaceae. I will have some spares for give away and swaping.


Potting on some Tagetes and Spring onion.


Crates are a convenient way of moving trays and pots about.


The Iceberg lettuce are starting to heart up.


The radishes marking out the carrot rows. Thinning to 1 inch.


Treating a bit of mildew on the peas using a dilute solution of vinegar. The mildew seems to have spread from a nearby patch of lambs lettuce. Conditions may have been a bit too dry.


Sowed a drill of Greenshaft ( height 750mm) direct with a row of beet and rocket either side. Access for picking will be much easier with a single row accessible from both sides unlike the double row of overwintering with the mildew issue.


Planting out some Nasturtiams on the ends of the rows.


Home sowings 30/03/14:

1.  Cauliflower 2×4  cells

2. Kohlrabi 4×2 cells

3 Brussel sprouts 2×4 cells

4. Purple sprouting Brocolli 1×4 cells

5. Calabrese 1×4 cells

6. Red Russian Kale 1×4 cells

7 Brunswick Cabbage 1×4 cells

8. Nero di Toscana 1×4 cells

9. Basil Genovese 4×4 in 3 inch large cells

10. Red Basil 4×4 ditto.

11. Coriander 7×4 cells ( saved)

12. Celery broadcast in small seed tray ( not covered)

13. Cucumber Marketmore 2 in 7cm pots

14. Courgette Goldrush 3×1 in pots

15. Calendula 1×40 cells

16. Sunflowers 1x 24 cells

17 Limnanthes douglasii ( Poached egg plant) 1X24 cells

18. Ishikura Onion 7×12 cells

19. Leek Muselbourgh 1×24 cells

20. Mallow 2×12 cells

21. Minnesota Midge Melon 1×4  in 3 inch pots

22. Ushiki Kuri Pumpkin 2 in pots

23. Table Queen Acorn squash 2 in pots.

24. Butternut Squash 2 in pots

25. Sweetcorn Bantam 2 , 1×6 in large cells

26. Lolla Rossa 1×4 cells

27. Swede Western Perfection 1×12


A Great weekend cobbing in Carrig Dulra.




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