The secret garden

Even in the city there are wild places that nature is busy re-wilding. This one is 500 metres long and just under 200m at its widest point ,located along the Dodder river valley a few kilometers from Dublins city centre. Few venture in here past the beer cans but it’s a wonderful space to be in. All three levels of tree, shrub and herbage layers are well established in a series of coups that let the light in and create a wonderful sense of exploration.


Within its labrinthine depths a stand of sycamore provide shelter for a simple galvanised resting place.


In here there were few droplets fom the heavy rain outside


No one has designed this space yet it feels like it could be a forest garden. Perhaps the only thing needed is to clear routes through patches of bramble and maintain some of the clearings ensuring continued light and edge.


The remains of a structure, perhaps this was once someones garden.


Some of the plants , shrubs and trees include Buddleia, Hawthorn, Sycamore, Apple, Elder, Cow parsley, Ground elder, nettles, snowberry…


To me this space holds more mystery,interest and fascination than any formal garden could possibly hope to achieve. Its infinite complexity that none shall ever know, caught up in the constant seed and root battle for light moisture and nutrients and in the lives of the insects and creatures that live here. Places like this support the idea that as a species we have yet to discover our true purpose and for all our knowledge and theory we have lost our sense of reality, our sense of place and our sense of what being a human was supposed to be.


How fortunate are those who can appreciate places like this. ..








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