Potato Harvest .

Just 12 weeks since the first earlies “Homeguard” went into the tunnel and today we started to harvest some little salad potatoes. But whats the point in growing food if  there is no follow through . Would it be possible to russel up a bit of lunch from the pickings at this time of year and limited cooking facilites ( microwave oven).

Image .


A quick wip round the garden to collect some eggs, lettuce, rocket, nasturtiam , potatoes, broadbeans, chives, fennel and strawberries and we had the makings of a passable lunch.


Cheese potatoes with scrambled egg and salad. This was a lot nicer than bread and cheese.


There is a great satisfaction in growing food, it is  empowering ,connecting and real. It’s amazing to see the excitement and interest in others when you show someone what is possible with what seems at first to be very little but is infact a bounty undiscovered or unrecognised. It’s so important to harvest eat and enjoy the food we grow.

In the garden this week the planting out and direct sowing is still underway and the next wave of modular sowing will begin next week. These things seem to flow in waves , full benches then empty and then quickly full again.


On the weekend Laura and I visited Maurice Castle Strand in Wexford. There is quite a lot of Juniper  Juniperus communis in this area. Some spray drift has caused damage to many of the trees and plants where we stayed. Would,nt edging look better with greenery anyway?





On the way home we visited the Botanical gardens at Kilmacurra which we very much enjoyed.


This Lichen at Kilmacurra  is Oakmoss, Evernia prinastri one of 9 common species of lichen used as indicators of air quality, in this case good air as one might expect.






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