Early june

In recent weeks Elmer Koomans of Fruithill farm gave a talk and walk around the gardens. On of the things he asked was what N.P.K. levels we have on-site and what we are adding to the soil. We have been adding enrich compost and on some of the beds coffee grounds , seaweed sprays and nettle teas but thats about it. He recommended liquid feeding to swell the crops.

A bed of onions after weeding. Some are going to seed so these can be used first. We will string these up after drying on the flat in the tunnel.


In the tunnel the Nantes carrots are ready. They are a nice small salad carrot we sowed in feb. Lift as required.


The climbing french beans have been planted 3 to a 10 foot cane.


A Courgette surrounded by sweetcorn.


We are using Encarsia Formosa a paracitising wasp to try and control whitefly.


A bed of purple top Milan turnips planted yesterday.


Some potatoe beds. Earthing up helps with weed control and reduces risk of blight especially as some of the varietys have low resistance.


The kale bed needs some feeding.


The fruit canes that have been recently weeded and mulched.





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