Veg box

The pumpkins in the tunnels were starting to go a bit crazy rambling a bit too much so we have started to stop the main leaders and keep an eye on the side shoots. Within a few days of doing this the fruit that had set started to fly. Here we are using bits of slate to help prevent rotting.

cool dudes photos 031

This pumpkin at home has been partly covered in compost to allow for additional rooting at the node. It will be out the door soon. Amazing plants you can nearly watch them growing.


This is Danny and myself gathering  some veggies including , carrots , Tomatoes , Courgette, Garlic, Broadbeans. We have started preparing a veg box twice a week for onsite staff with whatever we have ready.

cool dudes photos 029

Some fresh garlic

cool dudes photos 027

Some fresh carrots.

cool dudes photos 028

A veg box heading of to the day centre with all of the above and some Nero di Toscana kale ,fresh basil  Courgettes and Rocket.

cool dudes photos 051

The courgettes are producing well , just have to keep an eye out for potential marrows and remove to keep the plants going.

cool dudes photos 033

The peas at home doing well these past 2 weeks.


With the hot weather it has proven difficult to keep the trays watered in work, especially over the weekend when no one is about. It’s simply too long to leave them unattended and the germination in a recent batch was terrible. It’s easier to do this at home and bring in healthy plants. I use a 2 litre mister from fruithill farm when its not been raining.


Here  Brendan giives a sense of scale to the sweetcorn. They are now at the roof. They were block planted, have been shaken for pollination and most have 2 cobs forming.

cool dudes photos 032

This little patch of basil is now ready for its first cut. When harvesting one is supposed to cut right back to about an inch or so above ground leaving a few leaves from which it will re grow. It’s not good for the plants to pick individual leaves.

cool dudes photos 037

I love this, it’s roberts runnerbean wigwam with nasturtiams and sweetpeas.

cool dudes photos 043

Sprouting peas, Cress and Alfalfa(Lucerne) at home.


The Chillies are just starting on this plant.

cool dudes photos 034

The french beans on 10 foot canes.

 cool dudes photos 039

With the wet weather recently the polytunnel got a weeding blitz hopefully it can be kept clean. The tomatoes have been side shooted, lower leaves pruned and trained up their strings so hopefully they will pick up a little. The stinky nettle tea is great for feeding once the fruit have set.

cool dudes photos 040

The corner heap being cleared with paddy on the digger.

cool dudes photos 017

It’s been lovely seeing it all come together.



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