May- no dig

The no – dig beds are doing ok with most of the plants slowly taking. To cut down on grass mowing I,m putting down woodchips in some areas which most landscapers are happy to give away.  Wet newspapers beneath the mulch will keep most of the grass from coming through.


Having a bit of fun with this using what’s to hand at the time.


Lots of frogs in the garden


Garden in the mountains with broadbeans in flower.


Planted out some runner beans and courgette


Wigwam using bamboo and tied with the leaves of Newzeland Flax


Continuing to add mulch and a little handweeding to the veg beds. Only in one did some dock get through the cardboard but this is because I ran out of large sheets. I don’t make any holes in the cardboard when transplanting.  Recently sowed salad carrots as the depth isn’t there this year for larger main crop.


The direct sown radish between the peas are up and thinned to 1 inch. They are very reliable to germinate.


Finished off the chicken tractor to give some protection to our new addition to the family.


3 bantam silky chicken. They are quite tame and used to handling.


The wilder garden


Sheet mulching was used on the grass after planting the comfrey.


Introduced bugle and Cowslips also. Loving the vetch


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